Motor Shows

Motor shows provide manufacturers with the perfect platform to show off their new models.

Whether it’s a car of the future, a blast from the past or simply an updated model, these shows are the arenas for such unveilings.

Every year thousands of motoring enthusiasts the world over travel to various venues to get a glimpse of what’s going to be in our showrooms next summer.

Here is a brief guide to upcoming international shows this year.

New Delhi Auto Expo
January 13-18
On show: 

Brussels 100th European Motor Show
Dates: January 14-24
On show: Car

Chicago Auto Show
Dates: February 11-20
On show: Car/LCV

Belgrade Motor Show 
Dates: March 22-28
On show: Car/LCV/HCV

Seoul Mobility Show
Dates: March 30-April 9
On show: Mobility

Birmingham CV Show
Dates: April 18-20
On show: LCV/HCV

Barcelona International motor Show
Dates: May 13-21
On show: Car/LCV

Munich IAA Mobility
Dates: September 5-10
On show: IAA Summit for B2B

Detroit NAIAS
Dates: September 16-24
On show: Car

Japan Mobility Show
Dates: October 26-November 5
On show: Car/LCV/HCV

Dates: November 21-25
On show: LCV/HCV