Attention to detail is paramount in the Q60 models (formerly known as G models) which boast sleek sporty lines and a performance that is definitely exhilarating and unforgettable. Packed with features and stylish elegance throughout, these models certainly stand out in a crowd.

The good

Exciting and very attractive

The bad

Could be seen as a bit pricey

Tech Specs

Price from
Combined Fuel up to
0-62 from
5.9 seconds
max speed up to
co2 from

Test Drive

Infiniti Q60S 3.0 Sport Tech

A simple prompt from a neighbour and an admiring passing comment from the local postie were all it took to convince me that the car parked on my driveway was a little bit of a looker. And that particular head-turner was the super-sleek Infiniti Q60S.

On day one I was given a thumbs-up by a neighbour who has a keen interest in cars and before delivering my day’s household mail later in the week, the postman also offered a brief, yet observant comment: “That looks a bit special – is it a posh Nissan?” he asked.

“Yes” and “Yes” were my replies and then I proceeded to give him a quick guided tour of the two-door Infiniti sports coupe which, as he correctly pointed out, belongs to the premium arm of Nissan.

After taking a step back I soon realised the reason this Infiniti was proving such an attention grabber was down to its athletic styling, beautiful curves and striking muscular profile. The fact that it boasted brilliant red paintwork simply added to the allure.

Additional eye candy included 19-inch dark chrome alloys with red brake callipers, LED headlights with daytime running lights, tinted windows, twin tailpipes, muscular haunches, a rising waistline, sloping roof, plenty of chrome trim and a wide black grille housing the Infiniti emblem.

Step inside and the interior is ultra-modern and oozes premium styling thanks to the leather upholstery and rich array of on-board technology. Features include Infiniti’s InTouch set-up which is accessed via two touchscreens and is remarkably simple to use. It allows you to connect to all sorts of systems including sat nav, maps, music, phone, numerous apps and climate control. These screens are smart and intuitive yet not over-complicated so if you want to increase the temperature you only press one button, or if you want to change radio stations it’s just two presses.

Additional on-board technology on the test car included a Comfort Pack with front and rear parking sensors and a visual display, a Visibility Pack with around view monitor and moving object detection, a leather multi-function sports steering wheel, heated seats, ambient lighting and a 13-speaker BOSE sound system.

The Infiniti Q60S, costing £47,235 (£48,325 with that specialist Sunstone Red paint), was powered by a six cylinder 3.0-litre 405PS petrol engine and that meant plenty of exciting performance stats such as a 0-62mph sprint time of just 5.0 seconds and top speed of 155mph. When it comes to efficiency the Q60S can deliver combined fuel economy of 30.1mpg with carbon emissions of 208g/km.

Comfort levels within the car are also impressive, especially up front where it’s quick and easy to find a perfect driving position, sink back into the sports seats and prepare for a lengthy road trip – the longer, the better.

There are two individual rear seats, but like most coupe models, the leg room is quite limited and the sloping roof design of the car means head room is also restricted in the back for taller passengers.

But, in reality, the Q60 is all about driving dynamics, performance and handling and it delivers on every count – well almost. The acceleration through the 7-speed automatic gearbox is super slick with steering wheel-mounted paddles if you fancy taking a little more control. There are driving modes called Snow, Eco, Standard, Sport, Sport+ and Individual to toggle through and the intelligent all-wheel-drive system will keep the car firmly planted no matter how enthusiastically you attack a tight bend.

These are all plus factors in favour of the car, but for me the Direct Adaptive Steering which is a steer-by-wire system designed to deliver rapid and accurate responses, takes some getting used to. Two or three times I found it a little jittery and only really became comfortable with its light feedback after a considerable amount of time behind the wheel.

But that aside, the Q60S was a delight to whizz around in and proved as comfortable in busy town centres as it did eating up the tarmac on a longer motorway run where the power was relentless.

There are plenty of convenient storage compartments scattered throughout the cabin with cup holders in the front and back, plus the boot has a capacity of 342 litres.

And as one would expect, the Q60 boasts a comprehensive range of safety features and driver aids to help protect occupants and pedestrians, and to help prevent accidents.

All in all, the Infiniti Q60S is a fabulous all-round package for anyone in the market for a two-door sports coupe. It offers an alternative to all those premium German marques and once you get to grips with the steering set-up it is a pure delight to drive and certainly stands out from the crowd.

Test Drive

Infiniti G37 3.7 Coupe (Now known as Q60)

With a drop dead gorgeous streamlined body, state-of-the-art technology and blistering performance, Infiniti’s G37 Coupe is certainly an item of absolute beauty.

Admittedly, at just shy of £42k it’s not cheap, but nor is anything about its build quality or the level of trim throughout.

With its 3.7-litre V6 petrol-driven engine, the G37 Coupe can race from a standing start to 62mph in just 5.9 seconds and it also boasts a top speed which has been limited to 155mph. The power at your disposal is phenomenal and there always seems to be that little bit more as when needed.

Onlookers cannot fail to be impressed with the car’s sporty proportions and aerodynamic contours as it rumbles passed them and then there’s the twin tail pipes, 19-inch forged aluminium wheels, smart light clusters, LED rear lamps, body-coloured door mirrors (heated of course), plus lots more.

The interior is just as impressive with luxurious leather sports seats that can be electrically adjusted 10 ways (eight for the passenger seat) with memory settings just in case you’re mad enough to lend the car to someone else!

Elsewhere, there’s a brilliant seven-speaker sound system with six disc CD player, a connectivity package which introduces sat nav, an around view monitor, 10GB music box, iPod and USB connectivity, Bluetooth and parking sensors.

To be honest, these features are just the tip of the iceberg as the G37 Coupe screams of quality at every turn.

There’s limited space for rear seat passengers although you wouldn’t want to be in the back for a long journey as it’s a bit of a squeeze, which is typical in every other coupe I’ve driven.

The boot is generously sized and there are a few smaller storage options throughout the cabin.

So, the G37 Coupe looks great and has a whole host of technical wizardry on board, but how about the performance itself? Well, that can simply be summed up as “out of this world!”

The 3.7-litre engine delivers incredible power, and acceleration through the seven-speed automatic transmission is smooth and very responsive. There is a steering wheel-mounted paddle shift option too.

The G37’s road-holding capabilities are exceptional even in wetter conditions and while it’s not the quietest ride, that almost adds to the enjoyment factor.

Infiniti has fitted a comprehensive list of safety features to the vehicle, including top notch braking systems, six airbags, rain and light sensors, plus a whole lot more.

All in all, the G37 Coupe is a brilliant car – so it’s not cheap, but sometimes you have to pay for quality and this model is quality through and through.

Test Drive

Infiniti G37 Convertible GT Premium (Now known as Q60)

If you want to go through life without being noticed then there’s one car you should definitely avoid – the Infiniti G37 convertible, because this car is so drop dead gorgeous it’s guaranteed to turn heads.

It looks fantastic from every angle, and unlike many other hard top convertibles, looks just as great with the roof raised or lowered.

The test model was supplied in a pacific sky colour and then there were the 19-inch alloys, wind deflector and beautiful streamlining that couldn’t fail to impress.

The interior has been creatively designed with flashes of brilliance at every turn.

For example, the Monaco red leather seats can be heated or cooled at the turn of a dial and the trim is neatly decorated in red stained maple wood – it’s these thoughtful touches that give the G37 Convertible its real wow factor.

And to be fair, that’s before you even start the engine. The push button start function is somewhat hidden behind the multi-function steering wheel, but once discovered, the 3.7-litre V6, petrol-powered engine soon bursts into life.

The seven-speed automatic transmission is both smooth and responsive and acceleration is as blistering as you could wish for with stats of 0-62mph in just 6.4 seconds and a top speed limited to 155mph.

The road holding was exceptionally impressive and with the roof raised, cabin noise was at an absolute minimum.

The driver has a plethora of creature comforts to choose from with intelligent cruise control, a 13-speaker Bose audio system compatible with all of today’s devices – there are even speakers in the headrests. In addition, there’s and efficient sat nav system, air con and plenty of other wizardry to make each journey that little bit special.

And with the first sign of sunshine, the roof can be lowered in seconds at the press of a switch and all the thrills of open-top motoring are at your disposal.

There is room for rear seat passengers, but the legroom is somewhat limited, as it is with all convertibles.

And safety features are very comprehensive too with intelligent brake assist, six airbags, anti-lock brakes with electronic stability programme and plenty more besides.

Admittedly, there is a slight price to pay with such eye-catching good looks – the boot space with the roof lowered is relatively limited, but don’t forget there are two rear seats with footwells which can be utilised if needed.

That small issue aside, the G37 Convertible is possibly the most attractive cabrio on the market today and with the test model priced at £48,133 (including almost £5k optional extras) it is the model topping many wish lists.